Alfons Bertran Jazz Quintet

Alfons Bertran: drums and composition

David Fettmann: alto saxophone

Nicolas Masson: tenor saxophone

Roger Mas: piano and fender rhodes

Aleix Forts: Bass

 I always liked to define myself not only as a drummer. I prefer musician (I play piano, vibraphone and I write music). After composing for many other co-leaded projects (Lite Bites, Bridges trio,...) I found that leading my own quintet allows me to express all my ideas and influences. All the members in the band are great musicians and friends which I have been playing on and off during many years. They understand and trust my music perfectly.

 This project, under the name Schnitzel Time is also the presentation of my first album for JazzGranollers Records.

Lite Bites

Retina Project

Guillem Callejón: guitar

Aleix Forts: Bass

Alfons Bertran: Drums


 With more than 10 years of history, Lite Bites has become a cooperative trio exploring a peculiar repertoire. In their concerts we can find  from Beatles songs to contemporary music like Messiaen, Paul Motian, Gershwin, Hank Williams, Americana type of tunes and original Compositions, always transposed to the jazz language. An interesting and accessible mix very welcomed for all audiences.

 In their latest album Retina (Jazzgranollers 2018), we can find and exclusive repertoire of original compositions from Aleix Forts, Alfons Bertran and Guillem Callejón. A point of maturity from his work over the last years.

Vibraphone Project

'Retina’ (Jazzgranollers 2018)

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